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Inspired by Nature

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Growing up in Tucson, Arizona, with only cactus and gravel underfoot, Barbara longed for the beauty and mystery of a forest to explore. She later would call the high sierra town of Lake Tahoe her home for two years, where her beloved trees flourished and pine cones were everywhere.

The Nature Series is an expression of this love and respect for the randomness and beauty of all life, giving her hundreds of hours of joy, solitude and insight. Her pine cone collection has found a home in the twig frames, each twig lending its own character to the frame it surrounds. The gourd form is a perfect "canvas" for the woodburning tool where, during the past dozen years, Barbara has explored themes that give meaning to her life: her passion for understanding human nature through psychology and philosophy; her deep love for animals; and her respect for the Native American and African patterns that resonate throughout all the world.

Below is a sampling of this broad body of work which is available by commission only.




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